The Uncommon Reader – Review

A while back I saw an article on Bustle titled “15 Books You’ll Get So Lost In, You’ll Go Hours Without Eating, Sleeping, or Interacting With Another Human” and one of the books on this list was The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett. The way the article described by book peaked my interest and I decided to add it to my TBR list. Flash forward almost two years later and I finally bought it, brought it home, and read it in one sitting.


The description on the back of the book says: “Led by her yapping corgis to the Westminster travelling library outside Buckingham Palace, the Queen finds herself taking out a novel by Ivy Compton-Burnett. Duff read though it is, the following week her choice proves more enjoyable and awakens in Her Majesty a passion for reading so great that her public duties begin to suffer. And so, as she devours work by everyone from Hardy to Brookner to Proust to Beckett, her equerries conspire to bring the Queen’s literary odyssey to a close.”

As I mentioned before, the description of this book peaked my interest. The entire concept of the book seemed quirky and fun and enjoyable. Fortunately, the description did not disappoint and the book was so much more than I could have ever expected. 

Firstly, this book is incredibly funny. I was reading this book in my boyfriend’s room and I kept on laughing out loud because it was so funny. The Queen is definitely sassy and quick-witted in this book.

Secondly, the book is a good reminder about why reading is amazing. It shows people that anyone can become a reader and that it’s never too late to become one. It reminds people that reading allows them to experience things that they would not normally be able to experience and that it allows you to relate better to other people.

Finally, what the Queen goes through in this book is super relatable. The Queen runs into a problem that every reader periodically runs into; the desire to ignore all responsibilities and to read instead. What reader hasn’t run into this problem? Bringing their book with them everywhere with the hope that they’ll be able to sneak in a few pages or wanting to sneak out of something early so they can just go home and read. Hell, I was reading this book instead of studying for the paralegal licensing exam that I had to write in less than 48 hours. 

I definitely recommend this book to everyone who loves reading. It’s a quick read; I read it in one sitting, two if we count having to take a short break because the cats demanded attention. To be honest, I enjoyed this book so much that all of my reader friends should expect to receive a copy of it eventually.

Rating: 5/5 stars!


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