Bring Me Home by Bree Howland Review

Title: Bring Me Home

Author: Bree Howlandimg_5012

Year of Publication: 2019

Genre: Romance / New Adult

Number of Pages: 137

Summary: From Goodreads: “While Kailey was growing up, she was sure of two things:

1. She wanted to devote her life to helping animals.
2. She would never be without her best friend Cole Martin.

When her father had them pack up and move two provinces away two years before graduation, it felt like the rug was pulled out from under her.

Now she’s in college, finally pursuing her interest in veterinary medicine. Even better, Cole is at the same school. But Cole has changed and so has she. Gone was the innocence of childhood friendship and easy conversations.

Between new friends, unexpected feelings, and a road trip, Kailey’s first year in college will be more eye opening than she ever imagined.”

Review: I received an ARC of this book when I was fortunate enough to participate in the blog tour earlier this month. For the blog tour, I decided to post a spotlight post because I’m too unreliable with reviewing books, and I didn’t want to let anyone down. Now that I’ve read the book and I’ve had time to draft and redraft my review, I’m very excited to share my thoughts on this wonderful new adult romance debut.

Bring Me Home is the first romance novel I’ve read, and I felt like it was an excellent introduction to the genre. Kailey and Cole are best friends that moved away from each other when they were in high school and end up reuniting in college and eventually becoming lovers. Even though I found their story to be predictable, I found it super cute and I enjoyed watching them realizing that they both had feelings for each other.

I enjoyed the characters in this book. I found Kailey to be relatable, especially with her social anxiety and her love of cats and other animals. I thought that Cole was a charming and perfect gentleman, even if he did overuse the word sweetheart. I also liked Kailey’s roommate Riley and her girlfriend Annabeth, and I thought they were great friends to Kailey.

I found this book to be fast paced, which was nice because I was able to read it in two sittings. This book didn’t drag, and I found myself wanting to keep reading so I could find out what happened next. I also liked that this book was realistic; the characters and the plot felt real, and nothing seemed too far-fetched.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book, and I recommend it to people who are looking to give romance a try. Yes, there are some steamy scenes, but there’s nothing that I found to be crazy or uncomfortable. I also recommend this book to anyone who likes cute, friends-to-lovers storylines, because this book fits perfectly into that category. Finally, I recommend this book to animal lovers because Bree is donating the proceeds from Bring Me Home to Fortunate Felines Rescue which is a group that helps cats find their furever homes.

Rating: 4 Stars!




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