Let’s Talk Bookish – What Makes a Great Book?

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Hello everyone! I’m back after my unexpected hiatus, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get back into posting regularly soon!

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme created and hosted by Rukky at Eternity Books! Every Friday there’s a different discussion topic, and this week’s topic is, what, in your opinion, makes a great book?

When I first started to think about this topic, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to put into words what makes a book great to me. I didn’t want to be super vague and say things like “the characters” or “the plot” because I don’t think that would answer the question. After thinking about it a bit, I think I managed to narrow it down to three, slightly more specific things. These things are characters that I want to succeed, a plot that moves, and humour.

When I read a book, I tend to focus a lot on the characters, and it’s often the characters that will make me decide to DNF or take a break from a book. When I’m reading a great book, I tend to get attached to one or more of the characters, and I become emotionally invested in their story. I spend the book rooting for them to succeed, and I’m happy when they achieve their goals, and I get upset when things don’t work out for them. These are characters that I end up finding memorable, and I end up gushing about them to whoever will listen, and they make me love the book.

Another thing that makes a book great for me is a plot that moves. I tend to not be a fan of books where nothing seems to happen. The plot doesn’t necessarily have to be fast-paced, go-go-go, and full of action, but stuff does need to happen. When it seems like everything is standing still, I tend to lose interest, and the book ends up falling flat for me.

Finally, for me, a great book has some sort of humour in it. It doesn’t have to be full of jokes and laugh-out-loud funny, but I like the occasional snarky comment or witty remark. This kind of ties in with my first point about the characters, because I like characters who are witty, sarcastic, snarky, clever, etc. These are qualities that usually lead to smirking or giggling while reading, which makes the book much more enjoyable for me.




  1. I totally agree! Amazing, funny, and snarky characters make reading so much more enjoyable, but even that can’t save a story that has a slow moving plot. There has to be a careful balance, or else the book will just be a disappointment.
    Great post, and thanks for taking part Ashlee 💖

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