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Hello everyone!

This week I’ve decided to do the Waffle Book Tag. I started drafting this tag before the holidays, but I never got around to finishing it or posting it. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I first saw this tag, but it was created by Kat at Novels and Waffles. If you check out Kat’s blog, you’ll find some awesome graphics that go along with the prompts for this tag!

Belgian Waffles: A Book That’s a Total Classic

img_0062For this question, I’m going to pick The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. The first time I read this book, I really didn’t like it. I ended up rereading it a year or two later for an assignment in University, and the second time around, I ended up loving it.


Whole Wheat Waffles: A Book That’s Completely Wholesome

img_0061The first book that came to mind when I saw this question was Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch. This book is so wholesome and cute, and it makes my heart happy just thinking about it.



Eggo Waffles: A Book That Fills You with Nostalgia

img_0060One book that fills me with nostalgia is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Every time I think about this book, I think about being in University and how awkward everything felt at first. This book also reminds me about all the nights I would stay up late talking about books, and life, the universe, and everything with my roommates in University.


Chocolate Waffles: A Fictional Character That’s Sugary Sweet

img_0057I don’t know if this is the best answer, but I’m going to pick Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter for this question. Luna is such a nice character who goes out of her way for her friends, and I love her.



Blueberry Waffles: A Book That Makes You Feel Blue

img_0058Just thinking about Me Before You by Jojo Moyes makes me sad. The book is an emotional rollercoaster, and it really should come with a warning that you should have tissues nearby when you read it.



Waffle Cone: A Book That’s a Bit Different

img_0059Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff is a book that’s a bit different. The layout of the book, especially with all the different media inside of it, is different. I also picked this book because it was the first audiobook that listened to.


Maple Syrup: A Series You Stuck with Until the End

img_0056I’m bad when it comes to reading series, and I rarely finish them. One series that I did finish recently is the Charlotte Holmes series by Brittany Cavallaro. I loved every book in this series and I have a hard time accepting that it’s been over for almost a year.


Waffle Iron: Your Favourite Bookish Accessory

There are a lot of bookish accessories that I love, but I think my favourite is bookmarks. There are so many amazing bookmark designers out there, and I love matching bookmarks to my current read. Right now, All the bookmarks featured in the pictures in this post are from Bibliophile Prints; right now, I’m an affiliate for them and you can use my code BOOKSARE15 to save on your next purchase.


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