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Hello Everyone!

When I was brainstorming book tags to do this month, and I decided to check and see if there was a tag for Groundhog Day. It turns out that there is, and it was created by Nina Testa! I haven’t seen the movie Groundhog Day, and the holiday itself was a few days ago, but it still seemed like a fitting tag to do this week.

Many People Gather for Groundhog’s Day, but You Don’t Understand Why – What Is A Book Everyone Gathers Around Hyping, But You Don’t Understand Why?

I’m cheating with this question and picking an author instead of a single book. One author who I can’t understand the hype around is John Green. I’ve read four of his books, and while I only strongly disliked one of them, I didn’t think any of them were that special.

The Famous Groundhog Predicts the Weather – A Book You Find Predictable?

I found The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory to be predictable because I had read The Proposal first. The books definitely follow a formula, but I absolutely love it, and I loved every predictable moment of it.

Phil The Groundhog Is Said to Never Die and Have the Power to Predict Weather – A Book Dealing with A Mythological Creature?

I don’t read a lot of fantasy, but the first book that came to mind for this question was The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli. I haven’t actually finished this book yet, I started it, and then took a break because I wasn’t in the mood for it, but it does contain lots of dragons.

In the Movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray Relives the Same Day Several Times – A Book Dealing with Living A Day Over and Over or Time Travel??

I can’t think of any books that I’ve read that fit this category, so I’m going to pick How to Stop Time by Matt Haig. This book isn’t about time travel, but it is about a character who barely ages and who has been alive for hundreds of years.

Punxsutawney Phil Is from A Tiny Town in Pennsylvania – A Book Based in A Small Town

The first book that came to mind when I read this prompt was Still Life by Louise Penny. This book takes place in the small town of Three Pines, located in Eastern Quebec, and it is the definition of a cozy small town.


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