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Top 5 Books That Made Me Laugh

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Hello everyone!

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Bionic Bookworm! If you’re interested in participating, check out her wonderful blog to get the details and the prompts for each week!

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday topic is books that made me laugh!

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord: Tweet Cute was my first read of the year, and I thought it had a lot of laugh-out-loud moments. It’s full of cheesy puns, witty banter, and amusing pop culture references. I thought that some of the things that Pepper and Jack were tweeting were hilarious, and I wish that their brand Twitter war happened in real life.

Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy by Kevin Kwan: Just thinking about the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy makes me smile because of how funny the books are. This trilogy has a ton of characters, and a lot of them are quite amusing. I found Eleanor (Nick’s mom) to be hilarious, and I loved reading about all her scheming and gossiping. I also found myself laughing anytime Eddie showed up because of how self-centred he was.

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne: I had to include The Hating Game on this list because it was my first introduction to the rom-com genre and because I love it. I found the banter between Lucy and Josh to be hilarious, and I was amused by the little games they played with each other at work. Some of Lucy’s thoughts about Josh made me laugh-out-loud, and now I want to reread this book because of how funny it is.

The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis: It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I decided to include The Best Laid Plans on this list. All of Fallis’s books have made me laugh, but in my opinion, this book is his funniest. There’s a scene at the beginning of this book that describes the incident that makes the main character quit his job, and it is brilliant. It’s full of political jokes and euphemisms and thinking about it makes me laugh. If you have any knowledge of Canadian politics and you want to laugh right now, I recommend picking this book up.

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson: I read this book at least five years ago, and I remember laughing so much while reading it. The main character is very memorable, and his stories about the past are so fun. I also thought that the shenanigans that the main character gets into after he climbs out the window are entertaining, and you can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all.


How about you? What are some books that made you laugh?

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