Medieval-A-Thon Diaries Part One

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Hi Everyone!

I decided that since there’s a bit of a story running through Medieval-A-Thon, that I would post weekly updates in the form of a diary! A lot of the overarching plot points and graphics come from the Medieval-A-Thon Twitter page, which was fun to incorporate into this post.

Day 1 – Here I am, stuck in this cold, overcrowded prison cell. Some people have managed to escape, but not me. I know why I’m here, of course, I’m guilty of the same crime that so many of my fellow prisoners are, having an out of control TBR. They say that if I start reading, and start getting things under control, that I can get out of here, and that great titles could be in my future. Also, where are my clothes?

Day 2 – They say that the people who are escaping are becoming peasants. I wonder what it’s like being a peasant? I don’t know how I’m going to get out of here, so I’ll just read this orange book to pass the time.

When I finally finished the orange book, a fox crept up beside me. I’ve heard rumours of animals coming to help prisoners escape, so I decided to follow it. I’m free from prison now, so I guess that makes me a peasant. The fox hasn’t left my side, and I’m hoping it can help me find some clothes soon.

Lucky the Fox

Day 3 – I still don’t have any clothes, but I started a new book. Rumour has it that it might help me acquire a green tunic. I’m going to try to finish it soon because farming without clothes on isn’t very fun.

Green Tunic


Day 4 – I wonder what it would be like to claim this Kingdom? To become a Queen or an Emperess? Maybe the best way to do that would be to seduce the heir to the throne? I shouldn’t even be thinking about this right now; I still need to find something to wear.

When I finished the book with the green ivy on the cover, I followed my fox, and he led me to a green tunic. Inside the pocket of the tunic is a note that says I’m officially a squire. I don’t know what a squire is, but I’m sure having clothing will help. I wonder when the other people in the Kingdom will find something to wear?


Day 5 – If someone had told me that being a squire involved carrying stuff for knights all day, I would have stayed a peasant. But maybe not, because rumour has it that there’s a swarm of locusts coming, and I don’t want to deal with that either. Maybe tonight I’ll do some more reading and try to figure out how to get a weapon.


Day 6 – More reading and more heavy lifting for the knights. While I was carrying stuff for the knights, I started to daydream about castles. I think I would want something yellow, with a little bit of green and brown. Nothing too tall, but still has a lot of room. I also decided that I’m going to name my fox Lucky, he did save me from prison, and I have a vague recollection of there being a video game fox named Lucky.




Day 7 – Today, I was determined to be done with this squire nonsense, and I read the 150 pages left in my romance book. When I put the book down, Lucky led me to a bow and arrow, and I knew that I was finally done with this squire nonsense. I’m finally a Knight, even though I feel more like Robin Hood in this outfit. Oh well, at least the Kingdom is peaceful today, despite all the naked people running around with weapons and animals.

Bow and Arrow

Day 8 – I think Lucky is getting lonely, and I should try to get him an animal friend. Maybe I’ll try to get him a dog, the Fox and the Hound is a movie after all.

Day 9 – Another quiet day of Knighting. Things are peaceful in the Kingdom, and no one seems to be concerned about all the prisoners escaping. I still don’t have a friend for Lucky yet, but maybe that will change tomorrow.


  1. You’ve had a busy week of reading! I love the idea of becoming a knight and moving up the ranks. Such a good readathon!

  2. Haha this is brilliant – like Bridget Jones from 800 years ago! I was very tempted by this readathon but after the absolute mission(!) that was OWLs Magical Readathon, I thought my poor TBR needed a little break! Have fun with your challenge! ☺️

    • Thank you! The OWLs were such a mission to complete! I think after this month, I’m taking a readathon break until the NEWTs come along 🙈

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