Medieval-A-Thon Diaries Part Two

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Hi everyone!

I’m back today with my second set of diary entries for the Medieval-A-Thon! I’ve been having fun writing these entries, and I’m amazed by how many books I’ve completed so far this month!

Day 10 – Today, I decided to go to the village square with some of the other knights. It was a beautiful day, and there were a ton of people there, milling around and basking in the sunshine. I decided to have a mug of mead, and something about it made me feel ambitious, and I ended up reading the 256 pages left in my book. After I finished my book, a dog appeared, and now Lucky has a friend. I think I’m going to name my new friend Simon.

Simon the Dog

Day 11 – I guess my mead fueled reading sprint yesterday caused me to rank up and become a Noble. I don’t know what a Noble does, but I think I now have a group of knights that I’m in charge of? Who knows, I just know that I want a sword.

Day 12 – Rumour has it, that if I read enough, I can get myself a human friend! I don’t know if I want a human friend, but some company could be nice. I shouldn’t get too caught up on this idea though, and I still have a long way to go. Being a Noble is a bit frustrating because the knights I’m in charge of don’t take me seriously. Apparently, if I get a sword or some armour, they’ll be more receptive to my leadership, but I’m hoping I won’t have to deal with them for long.

Day 13 – Today was a quiet day; getting a sword is taking longer than expected.

Day 14 – I was reading today, and just as I finished my book, Simon and Lucky darted off into the woods. I decided that I should follow them, just to make sure they didn’t get into too much trouble. When I finally caught up with them, they had found a sword, which is what I’ve been looking for! When I picked up the sword, something even more magical happened! I levelled up and became a Princess!


Day 15 – On my first full day of being a Princess, the circus came to town. There were so many people crowded into the fairgrounds, and the knights who wouldn’t take me seriously as a noble, are being a lot nicer now that I’m a Princess. I decided that the next thing I want to acquire is a cat. I love Lucky and Simon, but they’re so rambunctious, and I think having a quiet feline companion would be nice.

Day 16 – I did it! I found a cat! He was hanging out by some trash bins in the village square, and I fell in love with him immediately. I’ve decided to name him Oscar, and I know we’re going to be friends for a long time. After I found Oscar, a knight came over to me and handed me a note. Once the knight was gone, I read the note to find out that I have become a queen. I think it’s fitting that I got a cat on the same day I became a Queen since cats are usually the King of the house.

Oscar the Cat

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