#TheWriteReads #UltimateBlogTour – Crossing in Time by D.L. Orton

Crossing in Time

Title: Crossing in Time

Author: D.L. Orton

Year of Publication: 2015

Genre: Science Fiction/Romance

Number of Pages: 412

Crossing in Time CoverSummary: From Goodreads: The past isn’t over, it’s an opening. The future isn’t hidden, it’s a trap.

If she ever wants to see him again, she’ll have to take the risk.

Fall into this “Funny, Romantic & Harrowing” (Publishers Weekly Starred Review) dystopian love story and prepare to encounter a finicky time machine, a mysterious seashell, and a very clever dog (some sex, some swearing, some violence, but no vampires and absolutely NO ditzes!)

When offered a one-way trip to the past, Isabel sacrifices everything for a chance to change the rapidly deteriorating present–and see her murdered lover one last time. When she arrives twenty years in the past, buck naked and mortally wounded, she has 24 hours to convince a stunned but enraptured nineteen-year-old to change their future. Definitely easier said than done, as success means losing him to a brainy, smart-mouthed bombshell (her younger self), and that’s a heart breaker, save the world or not.

This offbeat tale is about falling madly in love when one is too cynical for such things, letting go of pessimism when it’s the last life jacket on a sinking ship, and racing against the clock when one doesn’t have the proper footwear. It’s a coming-of-age story for old fogeys, a how-to-make-love guide for diehard celibates, and a laugh-out-loud tragedy with a hopeful twist.”

Review: Thank you Dave at The Write Reads for inviting me to be a part of the blog tour for this book!

One of the reasons why I love participating in blog tours is because I get to read books that wouldn’t otherwise end up on my TBR. Lost in Time isn’t a book that I would normally pick up, and even though I didn’t love it, it did have some really enjoyable moments, and I’m glad I read it.

Lost in Time is told from multiple perspectives, and it features a memorable cast of characters. Isabel is a stubborn, strong-willed, geneticists. Diego is a software engineer who is madly in love with Isabel. Matt is a physicist who was unwillingly roped into a secret government project. Picasso is a Marine who is helping lead the secret government project. Cass and Phil are also roped into assisting with this project. Overall, the women in this book are all strong-willed, super-intelligent, and are definitely the heroes in this story.

The secret government project in this book involves time travel and alternative universes. The purpose of the time travel is to help prevent a pandemic that has the potential to end all mammal life on earth. The science fiction in this book was a little bit too out there for me, and some of the more technical stuff went over my head, but it was interesting to read about. I also didn’t love reading about a pandemic right now, given everything that’s currently going on. However, I did like that they sent the time travellers with a towel because everyone knows that a towel is the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker (or time traveller) can have.

I liked the romance between Isabel and Diego in this book. I liked how stubborn Isabel was, and how smitten Diego was with her. I found real Isabel interacting with alternate universe Diego to be a bit weird, but the scenes were well-written. This book did have some steamy scenes, but overall, there wasn’t anything explicit in it.

Part of this book had a dystopian feel to it, and I’m generally not a fan of dystopian, but I kind of liked the dystopian element in this book. I also really liked that Isabel took in a bunch of stray dogs during everything that was going on in the world, and I like imagining her sitting in her well-stocked cabin with her furry companions and protectors.

Overall, this book was an enjoyable read. Some of the science-fiction was a bit too out there and confusing for me, but it was still interesting to read about. The romance in this book has a bit of steam, but nothing too explicit. The characters are likable and memorable, and the women are definitely the heroes. Even though this book wasn’t really “my thing” I’ll probably read the other two books in the series because I’m curious to find out what happens next.

Rating: 3.5 Stars!




  1. Despite strong female characters and a good overall plot, I am sorry to know the sci-fi parts were the one that stopped you from liking this book more. Good review, btw. 🙂 Hope ur next read is great.

  2. Thank you for reading and reviewing! ♥️

    I know you have lots of choices for books, and I appreciate that you spent some time with mine.

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