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Hello Everyone!

5 on my TBR is a weekly meme that’s hosted by Local Bee Hunter’s Nook. Each Monday, there’s a different prompt, and the goal is to list five books on your TBR that fit into the prompt.

This week’s prompt is Historical, which is a super easy prompt for me to write about because I have a ton of Historical Fiction on my TBR. Historical Fiction is a genre that I love, but for some reason, I don’t pick it up very often, which is something that I really need to change.

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah – This book has been on my radar since it was released five years ago because I think the cover is beautiful. I went out and purchased a copy last year after my friend read it and insisted that I read it too, but alas, I still haven’t picked it up yet. As I sit here and reread the book’s description, I question why I haven’t picked it up yet because the period and subject matter is something that I studied in University and am fascinated by.

Somewhere in France by Jennifer Robson – This book has been sitting unread on my shelf for far too long. It’s the first book in a trilogy that takes place during World War One, and I’ve had a few people tell me that they’ve read it and enjoyed it. Based on the description, it looks like this book has a healthy dose of romance, which I’ve grown to appreciate. I also want to read this book because Jennifer Robson is a Canadian author, and I want to try to read the north more often.

Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore – This book falls firmly in the Historical Romance category, and it looks fantastic. The main character sounds like a badass, and I’m all for reading books with badass heroines. This book was released last year, and I believe the sequel was released in September. I’ve heard fantastic things about both books, and I’m looking forward to picking this one up.

Love & War by Melissa de la Cruz – I read this first book in this trilogy earlier this year, and I had mixed feelings about it. Despite these mixed feelings, I’m determined to finish the trilogy at some point because I’m a huge fan of Hamilton and because I’m curious about where the story is going to go. One thing that I found fascinating about the first book was comparing the storyline to the plot of Hamilton, and wondering what parts were accurate and what parts were embellished for the sake of telling a story.

The Sea Gate by Jane Johnson – I received an ARC of this book from Simon and Schuster Canada, and I’m looking forward to reading it. I spent a lot of time in University studying World War Two, so books that take place during this period always pique my interest. I’m also a fan of Historical Fiction that goes back and forth between the past and present, and it looks like it’s something that this book does. This book is scheduled to be released in November, so I’ll hopefully be picking it up soon.


  1. The Nightingale was on my TBR forever too but it was very good when I finally read it! I’m not a huge fan on historical fiction and this book made me want to read more from the genre

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