5 On My TBR – White Covers

White Covers

Hello Everyone!

5 on my TBR is a weekly meme that’s hosted by Local Bee Hunter’s Nook. Each Monday, there’s a different prompt, and the goal is to list five books on your TBR that fit into the prompt.

This week’s 5 on my TBR prompt is White Covers. I thought this prompt would be fairly easy, but I was wrong. It turns out that I have fewer white covers on my shelf than I expected and that some of the white spines were deceptive. Fortunately, after some exploring, I found five white covers that I can talk about today!

Love & Olives by Jenna Evans Welch – Jenna Evans Welch is one of my favourite YA authors, and I adored Love & Gelato and Love & Luck. Love & Olives takes place in Greece, and based on the synopsis; I’m not sure how it ties into the first two books in the trilogy. Fortunately, the premise looks cute, and if this book is anything like the other two books, it will make me want to travel to Greece.

The Switch by Beth O’Leary – The copy of this book that I own has a colourful pastel cover, but the UK edition has a white cover, so I’m including it on this list. I read The Flatshare last year, and I loved it. The Switch is about a 79-year-old and a twenty-something year old who swap homes for two months. This book’s premise sounds like a lot of fun, and I enjoy books that feature elderly people who go on adventures.

Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert – I have heard so many amazing things about this book, and I can’t wait to read it. I’m a sucker for romance novels with illustrated covers, and this is one of the many illustrated covers that I’ve fallen in love with. I’m also looking forward to reading this book because I’ve heard that this book’s representation is excellent.

Frostblood by Elly Blake – I started reading this YA Fantasy book a few years ago, but I wasn’t in the mood for fantasy and ended up putting it down and never picking it up again. This book’s premise was interesting, and the part that I read was enjoyable, so I’m looking forward to picking it up again next time I feel like reading a fantasy book. Elly Blake is also a local author, which makes this book a bit more exciting to me.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly JacksonThis book is everywhere, and I need it in my life. This book’s premise kind of reminds me of Truly Devious, which is my favourite YA mystery series, and it sounds fantastic. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book, and every time I see a review for this book, I want to read it. I don’t know when I’m going to fit it in, but I’m determined to read it this year.


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