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Hello Everyone!

#SixforSunday is hosted by A Little But A Lot, and each week, there’s a different prompt, and you list six books that fit the prompt. The theme for January is It’s All About Books!

This week’s prompt is Bookish Hates, which I’m interpreting as bookish pet peeves. I have a lot of bookish pet peeves, most of them are purely aesthetic based, but I also have a few content-based pet peeves. The timing of this post is also perfect because I did a bit of book rearranging today, which reminded me of some of these pet peeves.

Switching the Cover Design Halfway Through the Series – I understand that you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but this drives me crazy. One of the reasons why this bugs me is because I like consistency. I dislike this because when series have matching covers, you can easily tell that the books belong together, but sometimes a cover design change makes it difficult to tell that books are part of the same series.

Movie Adaptions on the Cover – I understand why this happens, but it doesn’t mean that I have to like it. Generally speaking, I don’t watch a lot of movies or television shows, so a picture of an actor or actress on a cover isn’t going to make me want to pick up a book. I also don’t like this because oftentimes, when a book is rereleased with a movie poster as the cover, it becomes difficult to find a copy with the original cover, which leads to mismatched series. The other reason why I dislike this is because cover artists put in a lot of hard work, and I don’t think it’s fair that their hard work is replaced with some celebrity’s face.

Stickers on the Cover – A sticker on the cover isn’t necessarily bad, but it becomes a bad thing when the sticker is difficult to get off. In high school, a friend bought me some bargain books and the 3 for $10 sticker took off a layer of the cover, which ruined the book. It also bugs me when the sticker is printed onto the book’s cover, especially when the sticker mentions a television or film adaption.

Books in the Same Series being Different Heights – This bugs me because my shelves are a dangerous game of Tetris, and mismatched heights make it difficult to optimize my space. I generally try to keep series together, but when one book is taller than the other books, I usually end up separating the series so I can fit more books on my shelves.

Too Many Pop Culture References – Contemporary is my favourite genre, so I’m used to encountering pop culture references when I read. I don’t mind the occasional pop culture reference, and sometimes a well-placed reference brings me an immense amount of joy. My pet peeve is when there are too many pop culture references and when they start to take away from the story or become a character’s entire personality.

Conveniently Absent Parents – My final pet peeve for this post is conveniently absent parents. I read a lot of YA, and it always baffles me when the characters’ parents or parental figures are completely absent without any explanation. I’m not saying that I think every YA book should have parental figures who play a major role in the story, but some acknowledgement of their existence or an explanation for their absence would be nice.



  1. I agree with so many of these! My Game of Thrones books are different heights which annoys me so much I’m tempted to just buy the boxset of them!

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