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March TBR Tackle Challenge

Hello Everyone!

Today I want to talk about the March prompts for the TBR Tackle Challenge. The TBR Tackle Challenge is a reading challenge that I’m hosting with Mystorynook and TheArtsy_Bookworm88. The goal of the challenge is to read books that you already own and to “tackle your TBR.” Every month we post five super optional prompts to help you decide what books to read from your TBR.

Here are the March prompts:

Green Cover – Read a book that has green somewhere on the cover. It can be a book with green as the main background colour; a book with green writing on the cover; or a book with some green accents like a plant, outfit, squiggle, or dot. If you can find green anywhere on the cover, it can be used for this prompt.

Classic – Read a Classic. I don’t know what the proper definition of a “Classic” is, so use your best guess for this. If you don’t feel like reading a typical Classic, like Jane Austen or Charles Dickens, you can pick a classic in your genre of choice. For example, if you like mysteries, you could read something by Agatha Christie or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. If you like Science Fiction, you could try something by William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, or Octavia Butler. If you like YA, you could read The Outsiders or The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The point is, this prompt is a lot more flexible than it seems and you can be creative with it! 

Creature on the Cover – Read a book that has a creature on the cover. This can be something every day like a cat, dog, or bird; exotic like a platypus, narwhal, or wombat; or magical like a dragon, fairy, or griffin. If you want, you can even read a book with a person or a ghost on the cover to fill this prompt.

Female Author – March is Women’s History Month, and in honour of that, read a book written by a woman. The book can be in any format you want, any genre you want, as long as it’s written by a woman, it can be used for this prompt. Really, this prompt should be a freebie, so go wild with it.

Book You Want to Revisit – Read a book that you want to revisit. This can be an old favourite that you want to reread, the first book in a series that you need to read again because you have a terrible memory, or a book that you put down for whatever reason and want to try again.

You don’t have to read a book for all of the prompts, and you can use the same book for multiple prompts.

We have a Discord set up for the TBR Tackle Challenge that you can join if you want to chat about the books you’re reading. We have a lot of different channels, like the pet pictures and book memes channels. We also ask some fun questions of the day (when we remember). There’s a channel for reading sprints. Also, who knows, the Discord might hold the secrets to world domination! If you want to join the Discord, the link is in the “where to find me” section of my blog.

Finally, use the hashtag #TBRTackleChallenge to show us what you’re reading on Instagram. We’re trying to share posts that use the hashtag, and in general, we would love to see what you’re reading for all of the prompts.

I hope you join us for the March #TBRTackleChallenge and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s TBRs!

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