#TheWriteReads Blog Tour Spotlight – Aether Ones by Wendi Coffman-Porter

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Hello Everyone!

Today’s my stop on the Blog Tour hosted by the wonderful The Write Reads for Aether Ones by Wendi Coffman-Porter

For this blog tour, I’m posting a spotlight of this exciting sounding Science Fiction novel.

Aether OnesAbout the Book (From Goodreads): Leilani Falconi is a top agent for the Imperial Investigative Service, tasked with policing the veil between two realities. Long ago, the Great Sundering tore the universe into two mirrored halves; aether space, which progressed using magical energy or eldrich, and kuldain, which advanced via electromagnetic technology.

But now a series of suspicious deaths stretching back more than a decade has the agent trapped directly between secretive bureaucracies and their peoples. If she can’t solve the mysterious crimes in time, existence as she knows it could erupt into chaos.

About the Author (From the Author’s Website): Hi, my name is Wendi Porter. But as a fiction author and novelist, I go by Wendi Coffman-Porter.  I grew up an only child in a military family. Spending a lot of time as a child inventing new friends and sharing them with others. I began writing  stories down at the age of ten and by the time my first child was born I’d written my first novel. My genre has always been the colorful canvas and creative freedom of fantasy and sci-fi. Mostly because the stories aren’t bogged down by historical facts, well, not our historical facts anyway.

Be it roleplaying or writing in my office at home in Texas, with a pack of furry friends, I am always developing something new and colorful to share through either GMing or writing. I am driven to create rich realities that are as seemingly authentic as the ones outside your own window. If you read my work and feel at any point, that what I am writing could be possible, then I have succeeded. After all you never know. String theory postulates any number of possibilities. 

Where to Buy the Book: Amazon (Canada) & Amazon (US)


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