November TBR Tackle Challenge Announcement

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Hello Everyone!

It’s almost November, which means it’s time for the November reading prompts for the TBR Tackle Challenge!

If you aren’t familiar with the TBR Tackle Challenge, it’s a reading challenge that I co-host with and theartsy_bookworm88. The goal of the challenge is to read the books that you already own and to “tackle your TBR.” Every month we post five prompts to help you decide what books to read from your TBR. You can find out more information on Instagram, and if you have any questions, please let me know!

Here are the November prompts:


Grey Cover

Read a book with a grey cover! It can be a mostly grey cover or a cover with a little bit of grey. If you can find some grey on the cover, you can read it for this prompt.

Favourite Genre

Every month we try to have a “freebie” prompt, and this is our November freebie prompt. Read a book that fits into your favourite genre.

Book Award on the Cover

You know how when a book wins some sort of award or honour, and they get a fancy new cover with the award printed on it? Well, for this prompt, we want you to read one of those books. If, you can’t find any books with an award sticker printed on the cover, you could pick a book that says “New York Times Best Seller” or something like that on the cover.

Dual Timelines

For this prompt, pick a book that goes back and forth between different timelines. This could be any genre, and there’s no limit on how far apart the timelines are. Are the timelines days apart? Years apart? Decades apart? As long as it switches between different timelines, it can be used for this prompt.

Title Starts with “N”

In honour of November, read a book that starts with the letter “N”! If you can’t find a book that starts with the letter “N,” pick a book that has a word in the title that starts with “N.”

If you have any questions about any of the prompts, let me know! Happy TBR Tackling!

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