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Hello Everyone!

 If you remember, a few months ago, we tried to get Four for Friday off the ground which was tied to the TBR Tackle Challenge. That, unfortunately, didn’t go as planned, so now we’re trying something new.

 Stack Saturday is our new attempt at creating a weekly post that’s tied to the TBR Tackle Challenge prompts. If you aren’t familiar with the TBR Tackle Challenge, it’s the monthly reading challenge that is hosted by myself (Books.Are.42),, and theartsy_bookworm88 on Instagram.

 For Stack Saturday, each week there will be a different prompt (one of the reading prompts for the TBR Tackle Challenge) and the goal is to write about a stack of books that fit that prompt. Your stack can have as many books as you want, it can be books you’ve read, or books that are on your TBR. Our aim is to make this as flexible as possible and for people to hopefully have fun. We’re also hoping that people post pictures of their stacks on Instagram and either tag us or use #TBRTackleChallenge so we can see them!

 With all of that being said, here’s the November Stack Saturday Schedule!

November 6 – Grey Covers (Or Spines)

November 13 – Book Award on the Cover

November 20 – Dual Timelines

November 27 – Title Starts with “N”

 To make things a bit easier and flexible for everyone, there is also the option of swapping out one of the weeks for the fifth prompt of the TBR Tackle Challenge, favourite genre. This means, that if you want to skip one of the topics, you can sub in a stack of books of your favourite genre!

If you have any questions about the prompts, let us know!

If you decide to participate in Stack Saturday and post on your blog, make sure to link back to this post so we can check it out!

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