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Hello everyone!

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This week’s Top Five Tuesday topic is Series I Haven’t Finished, which is making me feel called out. As many of you know, I am terrible at reading series, and the list of series I want to finish is endless. I did not enjoy scrolling through my Goodreads, getting called out by all of the half-finished and barely started series sitting there and silently judging me for my procrastination issues. Hopefully, I will get around to finishing these five series soon, but who knows how that will go in reality.

Cassidy Blake Series by Victoria Schwab – I enjoyed City of Ghosts when I read it, and I’m not sure why I haven’t picked up Tunnel of Bones yet. I’ve been looking forward to reading Tunnel of Bones for a while now because I’ve visited the Catacombs in Paris before, and it was ridiculously creepy. I’m looking forward to reading a book that partly takes place there. I’m also waiting for Bridge of Souls to be released in paperback, and maybe I’ll read both of these books around Halloween this year.

City of Ghosts

If you’re interested, you can purchase City of Bones, the first book in the Cassidy Blake series from Amazon* here

Once Upon a Con Series by Ashley Poston – Can someone please tell me how I haven’t picked up Bookish and the Beast yet? Geekerella is one of my favourite books, and I adored The Princess and the Fangirl, but I have not picked up Bookish and the Beast yet. This was one of my most anticipated books when it was released, but procrastination is a powerful thing.


If you’re interested, you can purchase Geekerella, the first book in the Once Upon a Con series from Amazon* here.

The Wedding Date Series by Jasmine Guillory – I have read and enjoyed the first three books in this series, but I have not gotten around to reading the next three books yet. This is the only series on my list today where I have an explanation for my procrastination. The fourth book in this series, The Royal Holiday, is a Christmasy book, and I haven’t had time to read it around Christmas yet, so I keep on procrastinating instead of just reading it in the summer or something like that.

The Wedding Date

If you’re interested, you can purchase The Wedding Date, the first book in The Wedding Date Series from Amazon* here.

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Series by Louise Penny – This is the longest series on this list, but I’m still disappointed with my lack of progress with it. When I first picked up this series a few years ago, I made decent progress and read the first three books relatively close together, and then I stopped reading. Books four, five, and six are sitting on my shelves, and I genuinely enjoy this series, but it keeps on getting pushed aside for other mysteries that are a bit quicker to read. Hopefully, I’ll make a bit of progress on this series sometime this year.

Still Life

If you’re interested, you can purchase Still Life, the first Inspector Gamache book from Amazon* here.

The Legends of Eerie-On-Sea Series by Thomas Taylor – I read Malamander last year with the Middle-Grade Marvels book club, and I enjoyed it so much that I immediately ordered the next book in the series. To be fair to myself, I tried starting it relatively quickly, but then I realized I should write my review of Malamander first, which I put off for months and months and months. Theoretically, since I’ve written my review for Malamander, I can pick up book two at any time, but procrastination says otherwise. This entry also reminds me that I need to get my hands on the third book in this series.


If you’re interested, you can purchase a copy of Malamander, the first Legends of Eerie-on-Sea book from Amazon* here.

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  1. The Malamander books are terrific. As they’re Middle Grade, they don’t take long to read. Louise Penny on the other hand……………….

  2. Ooof… I haven’t finished a single Schwab series that I have started… Not that I’ve intentionally DNFed them. I just forgot to finish the books?!! I also don’t think I realised that Malamdander was a series?!
    I have loved every single one of the Once Upon a Con series though. Such happy books!!
    Hope you had fun this week!! 💕

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