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This week’s Top 5 Tuesday topic is Books with a Holiday, which was so much fun to write about. Travelling through books is my favourite way to travel. It’s been ages since I’ve taken any sort of holiday and I don’t anticipate having an opportunity to travel any time soon. Fortunately, books exist, and I can travel vicariously through fictional characters and go on holiday with them.

Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch – The first book I thought of when I saw this week’s topic was Love & Gelato. This is one of my favourite YA books, and it always makes me want to go on holiday. In this book, Lina travels to Tuscany after her mum passes away because her mum’s dying wish was for her to meet her father. When she gets to Tuscany, she’s given her mother’s journal, and Lina sees Tuscany through her mum’s eyes and discovers a major secret. The descriptions of Tuscany in this book make me want to travel there, and I cannot recommend this one enough. It’s also being adapted into a Netflix film very soon, so that’s something to keep an eye out for.

Love and Gelato

With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo – I finished reading this book on Sunday, and I thought it was great. In this book, the main character, Emoni, travels to Seville, Spain for a class trip. The build-up to the class trip was exciting to read about, and the trip itself was magical. This book is a love letter to the magic of food, and the cooking in the scenes in Spain were especially amazing. This book made me want to travel to Spain and eat a bunch of different food. If you’re interested, here’s my review of With the Fire on High.

With the Fire on High

Lulu and Milagro’s Search for Clarity by Angela Velez – In Lulu and Milagro’s Search for Clarity, Lulu and Milagro end up on a college road trip. They travel with some of their schoolmates, checking out different colleges across the country. The sisters learn a lot about themselves and each other along the way. Though the idea of travelling to a bunch of different college towns doesn’t sound that appealing right now, a road trip would be fun in general. If you’re interested, here’s my review of Lulu and Milagro’s Search for Clarity.

Lulu and Milagro

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren – After an incident involving bad seafood at her sister’s wedding, Olive and her sworn enemy Ethan travel to Hawaii together so the all-expenses-paid honeymoon doesn’t go to waste. The catch is, they have to pretend to be the bride and groom. This fake-dating, enemies-to-lovers romance is a lot of fun, and it makes me want to travel somewhere tropical and warm.  


The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun – This book takes place on a reality tv dating show, so there’s a lot of travel in it. Charlie, the “prince charming” character and the rest of the Ever After cast and crew travel to New Orleans, Germany, South Africa, and Bali for the show. All of these locations sound like great places to travel to, and I especially enjoyed the sections in South Africa. If you’re interested, here’s my review of The Charm Offensive.

The Charm Offensive

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  1. Ooh, Love and Gelato was on my longlist, but I still haven’t read it so I left it off this week. So glad it made someone’s list!! And I didn’t realise The Charm Offensive had travel!! I’ll have to bump it up my TBR. Hope you enjoyed this week’s topic 💕

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