July TBR Tackle Challenge Announcement

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Hello Everyone!

It’s the middle of June, which means it’s time to announce the July prompts for the TBR Tackle Challenge!

If you aren’t familiar with the TBR Tackle Challenge, it’s a reading challenge that I co-host with from.TBR.to.READ, theartsy_bookworm88, and hplreads. The goal of the challenge is to read the books that you already own and to “tackle your TBR.” Every month we post five prompts to help you decide what books to read from your TBR. You can find out more information on Instagram, and if you have any questions, please let me know!

We had a lot of fun coming up with the prompts for this month, and we hope you enjoy them! Make sure to tag us in any posts on Instagram so we can see what you’re reading.

Here are the July prompts!

July Prompts

Canadian Author

Fun fact! All four of the hosts of the TBR Tackle Challenge are in Canada! July 1st is Canada Day, and we think you should pick up a book by a Canadian Author this month to celebrate!

Indigenous Author

We can’t talk about Canada Day without acknowledging the Indigenous People who were here first. To honour this, we want you to read a book by an Indigenous author.

Floppy Paperback

Floppy paperbacks are one of the best types of books. They’re easy to hold and they’re satisfyingly floppy. I don’t know what else to say about them, but we hope you read one this month.

Book with Travel

July is summer and for a lot of people, summer means travelling. Pick a book with some sort of travel in it this month. This can be a vacation, a road trip, travelling to a new city to start new, even time travel. There are tons of options and we’re looking forward to seeing how you interpret this prompt.

Beach Read

Since it’s summer time, we want you to read a beach read. According to the internet, beach reads are light and fluffy, but we think this can be interpreted more broadly. Pick a book that you would read on the beach. It can be something light and fluffy, or it can be something else. Whatever would make you happy on a beach is what you should read for this prompt.

If you have any questions about any of the prompts, let me know! Happy TBR Tackling!

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