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October TBR Tackle Challenge Announcement

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Hello Everyone!

We’re more than halfway through September, which means it’s time for the October reading prompts for the TBR Tackle Challenge!

If you aren’t familiar with the TBR Tackle Challenge, it’s a reading challenge that I co-host with, theartsy_bookworm88, and hplreads. The goal of the challenge is to read the books that you already own and to “tackle your TBR.” Every month we post five prompts to help you decide what books to read from your TBR. You can find out more information on Instagram, and if you have any questions, please let me know!

Here are the October prompts!

Orange or Black on the Cover

October is Halloween, which means it is time for some Halloween colours! Pick a book with some orange or black on the cover to celebrate.

Book You’re Thankful For

In Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. To celebrate thanksgiving, read a book you’re thankful for. This could be a book that was gifted to you, a book by an author you’re grateful for, a special edition that you’re thankful you snagged a copy of. You can be creative with this prompt.

Spooky Reads

October is the spooky month, which means it’s time for all of the spooky reads. This could be a thriller or a horror book, or it could be a book that features witches, ghosts, vampires, or some other kind of supernatural being.

Treat Yourself

Trick or treat! Treat yourself with this freebie prompt! Add a treat to your TBR. This can be a book that you’ve been wanting to read for a while, a book that’s your favourite genre, whatever you want to treat yourself with.

Cozy Read

October is the start of the cozy season. The weather is getting colder, the leaves are changing colour, and it’s time to pull out the oversized sweaters and blankets. To celebrate the cozy season finally being here, read something that you find cozy. This could be a cozy mystery, a cozy romance, a cozy fantasy, or whatever makes you cozy.

If you have any questions about any of the prompts, let me know! Happy TBR Tackling!


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