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Hello Everyone!

It’s the Thursday before Halloween, which means it’s time to do a Halloween themed book tag! I found this tag on ZeZeeWithBooks and it looked like the perfect tag to do before Halloween. It appears that this tag was created by CatFairyBooks, but it looks like their blog doesn’t exist anymore.

I’m not tagging anyone specific for this tag, so if you’re looking for something fun to do before Halloween, consider yourself tagged!

What are your favourite Halloween movies?

I am not a big movie person and I’m also not a fan of scary things, so this is a tough question for me. I think the last Halloween movie I watched was Coraline and that was three or four years ago.

What is your favourite Halloween book?

My favourite Halloween book is The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling. This fun romance is perfect for the spooky season. I love the setting and the characters in it. I’m currently reading the sequel, The Kiss Curse, and I have a feeling it will also become a favourite Halloween read.

What other Halloween books would you recommend?
Since I tend to avoid scary things, I don’t have a ton of Halloween book recommendations. I will say that I quite enjoyed City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab and that I found White Smoke by Tiffany D. Jackson to be quite spooky. If you’re interested, here’s my review of City of Ghosts and here’s my review of White Smoke.
Do you own any Halloween ugly sweaters?

Unfortunately, I do not own any Halloween sweaters. I do, however, own a pair of Halloween leggings from Sweetlegs. They have toilet paper mummies on them and I think they’re super cute.

What are some of your favourite Halloween costumes?

I appreciate creative costumes where it’s clear that the person put some thought into it. I’m also a fan of costumes inspired by books.

What are you doing for Halloween this year?

Halloween is on a Monday this year, so I am going to work and then I will hand out candy to the half dozen or so kids that knock on my door in the evening.

What is your favourite childhood Halloween memory?

I don’t really have a lot of childhood Halloween memories. I remember that my brother took me out trick-or-treating a few times when I was growing up, but I can’t remember anything special.

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