2022 Resolution Wrap-Up

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Hello Everyone!

Today is the last day of 2022, and I think it’s a good idea for my last post of the year to be a wrap-up of sorts.

Back in January, I posted my Top 5 Bookish Resolutions for the year and I thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at that post to see how I did.

Read 52 Books

This is a goal that I was able to achieve this year. As of writing this, I’ve finished 68 books, though I’m optimistic that I will be finished reading Carrie Soto is Back before the clock strikes midnight. I will admit that there were moments this year where I started to kick myself because I felt like I should be reading more, but I’ve decided that I’m happy with the amount I read this year.

Blog and Bookstagram More Consistently

I am so absurdly proud about how I did with this goal. This is my 365th day of posting on my blog in a row. When I made this goal, I was hoping to post a few times a week, and then I started to surpass my expectations. Fifty days in a row turned into one hundred, which turned into two hundred, and now I’m at 365 days in a row of blogging.

Unfortunately, I did not reach my goal with posting on Bookstagram, but that’s okay because I am so proud of my little blog.

Read More Middle Grade, Indie Authors, and Graphic Novels

I have mixed feelings about this goal.

It looks like I read 11 Middle Grade Books, 12 Indie Books, and 6 Graphic Novels in 2022. I’m happy about the Middle Grade Books I read, and I’m hoping to read even more in 2023 because I enjoy them. I’m happy with the number of Indie books that I read in 2022, however they were all for either BBNYA or Blog Tours and I was hoping to pick up a few on my own. Fortunately, my Kindle is full of options and I’m optimistic that 2023 will be full of some great Indie reads. As far as graphic novels go, I could have read more, but I enjoyed all of the ones that I read in 2022.

Hit 80% on NetGalley

I knew this goal was unrealistic when I set it and unsurprisingly, I didn’t come close to achieving it. I started the year with a 48% feedback ratio and 63 unread books and I ended the year with a 50% feedback ratio and 76 unread books. All I can do is keep chipping away at the NetGalley shelf and to slow down on the requesting.

Tackle the TBR

This is a difficult goal to quantify because the TBR is a beast that seems so always grow.

I did some combing through my Goodreads and it appears that in 2022 I reread 7 books; I read 16 books for Blog Tours or BBNYA; I read 13 ARCs, which includes backlist ARCs and NetGalley books that weren’t for tours; I read 17 books that were either new releases or that I purchased this year; and I read 16 books that were on my backlist.  

Overall, I would have liked to have read more books from my backlist, but I’m still happy with the progress that I made with my TBR. I read some fantastic books this year and I’m optimistic that next year will hold even more amazing books.

Overall, 2022 was a great reading year for me. Even though I didn’t reach all of my goals, I’m very happy with how everything went and I’m looking forward to all of the bookish things that 2023 holds.

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