Top 5 Series I Will Finish in 2023


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Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme created by Bionic Bookworm, and it’s now hosted by Meeghan Reads. If you’re interested in participating, check out their wonderful blog to get the details and the prompts for each week!

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday topic is Series I Will Finish in 2023. This was a fun topic to write about because there’s a pile of series that I am bound and determined to finish before the end of this year.

Hercule Poirot Series by Agatha Christie – This is the main series that I want to finish this year. I’ve been slowly working my way through it for about two years now and I think I have 17 books left. I’ve been really enjoying this series and I’m hoping to get through the rest of them this year so I can tackle Miss Marple next year.

Sad Cypres

The Rosewood Chronicles by Connie Glynn – Last year I read Undercover Princess and I fell in love with the characters and the boarding school the characters attended. I purchased the rest of the series and I’m looking forward to reading it and seeing how the story progresses.

Undercover Princess

Winterhouse Series by Ben Guterson – I read the first book in this trilogy last year and I liked it enough to purchased the other two books. I love the wordplay in this series and the mysteries of the hotel. I definitely want to get to the rest of the trilogy this year.


Cassidy Blake Series by Victoria Schwab – This will be the year I finish the Cassidy Blake series! I’ve been meaning to read the second and third book of this series around Halloween since 2021, but then life gets chaotic and I don’t actually read them. This year will be different! I will read them.

City of Ghosts

The Wedding Date Series by Jasmine Guillory – I have three books left in this series and I want to finish them this year. I enjoyed the first three books and I’ve been procrastinating because the fourth book is Christmasy and it feels weird to read a Christmasy book when it’s not the holiday season. This year, I’m going to suck it up and read a Christmasy book when the sun is shining and the snow is gone, and finally finish this series.

The Wedding Date

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  1. Undercover Princess is on my ebook TBR! I got it years ago on a sale and just haven’t read it yet. Glad to hear you enjoyed it because I’ve never seen anyone I follow who has read this series 👀

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