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Hello Everyone!

In an attempt to shake things up around here, I’m going to try to start doing Let’s Talk Bookish again. I don’t know if I’ll do it every week, but I’d like to try to do it every so often.

Let’s Talk Bookish is a bookish meme that was created by Rukky @ Eternity Books where each Friday, bloggers write posts discussing the topic of the week. Since April 2022, Aria has been the host of LTB, and you can find the March topics on their blog!

This week’s topic is Spring Books and it was suggested by Aria! The prompts for this topic include:

  • What books do you like to read in spring?
  • What makes you feel the change in the seasons?
  • Is it the cover, or the content?
  • Do you read certain genres in spring, or books set during the season?
  • What books are on your spring 2023 TBR?

I find that Spring is usually my busiest time of year for non-bookish things. Once the days start to get a little longer, the weather starts to get a little warmer, and the crocuses start to poke through the ground, I start to tackle the never-ending list of yard work and housework. Between all of the outdoor winter clean-up and general outside maintenance, I don’t have as much time to read in the Spring.

Being busier means that I tend to reach for quicker reads that require less concentration. I enjoy reading romance all year long, but I find that Spring is an especially good season for them because they don’t require as much focus and I don’t have to worry about missing a clue or a major plot point. If I’m not reading a romance, I tend to reach for books with shorter chapters. I’m a fan of shorter chapters because they make me feel accomplished because I’m able to read a few of them in a short sitting. 

I can’t think of any books with covers that scream Spring to me. I guess books with warmer and brighter colours would be Spring like, but I find that warmer and brighter colours also work for Summer. I also can’t think of any specific books set in the Spring. I’m sure there are many, but none are coming to mind as I write this.

As far as my Spring 2023 TBR goes, there are four romances that I very much want to get to this season. I want to read Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey, A Lot Like Adiós by Alexis Daria, Set on You by Amy Lea, and How Sweet it Is by Dylan Newton. I don’t know if I’m going to get to all of these, but I hope I have the chance to read at least some of them.

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