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Weekly Wrap-Up – 9 July 2023

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my weekly wrap-up, where I talk about any bookish or life things that happened during the week.

Since my last weekly wrap-up, I’ve finished reading The Labours of Hercules by Agatha Christie. I ended up enjoying this collection of short stories much more than I thought I would, which is always a nice surprise. I should be finished Six of Crows either tonight or tomorrow, depending on how appealing my pillow is once I settle down to read for the evening.

I have a few updates to talk about this week!

My new laptop arrived and it is wonderful! It’s so nice having a computer that doesn’t sound like a jet engine warming up and that functions the way that it’s supposed to.

I’m still meal prepping my lunches. For this upcoming week I have wraps with spinach, turkey, hummus, cucumbers, and bell peppers; a cucumber salad with feta and Greek salad dressing; and some blackberries, strawberries, and grapes.

In other exciting news, on Thursday I went out for tacos with my boyfriend. Tacos are always a good decision and it was nice to go out and eat.

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