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Spotlight – Untitled: Crimes Against the Crown by Wendy Bayne

Hello Everyone!

Today I’m shining the spotlight on one of the books I read an excerpt for during the first round of BBNYA 2023. I read a 2K word excerpt of Untitled: Crimes Aganist the Crown by Wendy Bayne during the first round of BBNYA and I thought it was great! This excerpt started to lay the groundwork for a great story and I’m curious to see how everything plays out.

Title: Untitled: Crimes Against the Crown
Author: Wendy Bayne
Age Category: Adult
Length: 689 Pages
Published: May 4, 2020
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When the unconventional daughter of a British Spy joins the family business and meets the unorthodox bastard son of an aristocrat, murder mayhem and romance soon follow.

Set in Great Britain from 1826 to 1828.

Crimes Against the Crown follows Clarissa Turner’s exploits as a young woman born into a family of privilege and embroiled in a world full of intrigue and suspense in the years following the Napoleonic Wars.

As Clarissa comes of age, she discovers that her life to this point has been a lie.
Having believed herself to be a bastard, she discovers that her family are agents of the Crown tasked with protecting the interests of Great Britain at home and abroad. As she becomes embroiled in the family business, she meets Miles Johnson, a bitter but handsome man searching for his identity as the wrongfully Untitled son of Lord Shellard.

Under the direction of Britain’s master of spies, they strive to bring down a consortium of smugglers, taking them from London to Paris and back as they seek to protect the nation.

Add some intrigue and suspense, a few outrageous personalities, a murder, and more than one harrowing rescue, and the book is complete Murder, Mayhem, Intrigue and Romance. Follow their adventures in the Crimes Against the Crown Series.

Violence, Coarse Language. Rape is alluded to but not described or witnessed.

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