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Weekly Wrap-Up – 13 August 2023

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my weekly wrap-up, where I talk about any bookish or life things that happened during the week.

Since my last weekly wrap-up, I finished reading Yellowface by R.F. Kuang and Taken at the Flood by Agatha Christie. It felt really good to finally finish a book.

Right now, I’m currently reading Tastes Like Shakkar by Nisha Sharma, which is a lot of fun so far.

This was an incredibly quiet week at work, which has been wonderful. It’s been nice having my boss out of the office and being able to catch up on some small things.

Wednesday was book club night for me. Our discussion of Yellowface had been pushed back a few times due to scheduling conflicts, but it was nice to finally get a chance to chat about it.

On Friday, my friend came over for girl’s night. We made margaritas and ate pizza, while also chatting and just catching up.

In kitten news, they have so much energy. It seems like every day they’re figuring out how to jump onto new things, including the kitchen table and the kitchen counter. They also love paper bags and running around at 3 a.m.

In other news, my boyfriend started a Twitch channel this week. If you use Twitch, here’s his channel. I don’t know much about gaming, so I don’t know what he plays, but I know that he’s very excited about it.

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