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October TBR Tackle Challenge Announcement

Hello Everyone!

October is almost here, which means it’s time for the October prompts for the TBR Tackle Challenge!

If you’re new to the TBR Tackle Challenge, it’s a reading challenge that I co-host with, theartsy_bookworm88, and hplreads. The goal of the challenge is to read the books that you already own and to “tackle your TBR.” Every month, we post five prompts to help you decide what books to read from your existing TBR. You can use the same book for multiple prompts, and you don’t have to pick books for all of the prompts if you don’t want to. The TBR Tackle Challenge started on Instagram, but we’re also on Twitter, Goodreads, and Storygraph.

Here are the October prompts!

Starts with T or U

Once again, we’re carrying on with the alphabet this month and now we’re tackling “T” and “U”! Read a book that has a title that starts with either “T” or “U” for this prompt. It’s up to you how you treat titles that start with “The” or “A”.

Orange Cover

There are so many orange things that I associate with October. The leaves changing colour, pumpkin spice lattes, jack-o’lanterns, etc. To celebrate all of the orange things, read a book with an orange cover.


October 5th is World Teacher’s Day. To celebrate all of the educators, read a book that features an educator of some kind. This could be a character who is a teacher, a mentor, an instructor, or any kind of character who educates.

Over 450 Pages

October 8th is Thanksgiving here in Canada. My favourite thing about Thanksgiving is all of the food. To celebrate this large meal, read a chunky book that’s over 450 pages.

Witches, Ghosts, or Vampires

To celebrate Halloween and all things supernatural, pick up a book with witches, ghosts, or vampires in it. If you can’t find a book with witches, ghosts, or vampires in it, you can reach for something haunted or spooky instead.

If you have any questions, let me know! Happy TBR Tackling!

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