BBNYA Spotlight – Broken Sky by Morgan K. Bell

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Hello Everyone!

Today I’m continuing on with the spotlight tours for BBNYA 2023. Today I’m shining the spotlight on Broken Sky by Morgan K. Bell. Thank you to the BBNYA team for putting the media kits together for the spotlight tours.

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Title: Broken Sky
Author: Morgan K. Bell
Age Category: New Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 352 Pages
Published: April 14, 2022
Buy the Book: Amazon
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Cover of the book Broken Sky by Morgan K. Bell

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Dorian Valmont is the sorriest excuse for an aeronaut the crew of skyship Phoenix has ever seen.

Forced to flee his home to protect his magical inheritance from the machinations of his ambitious stepfather, awkward misfit Dorian finds himself poorly suited to the rigors of life in the sky. But when an exiled dragon finds him, injured and desperate for help, Dorian learns it’s not enough merely to run away. Dorian must learn to fight back.

Caught between forces that seek to use or destroy him, Dorian must train and adapt if he wants to survive. But if he can, he might just hold the key to restoring the world’s faltering magic — or destroying it once and for all.

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Drawn to fantastical worlds since the earliest days of their childhood, Morgan K. Bell has written stories since they were first old enough to hold a pencil. When not writing, Morgan enjoys craft beer, lifting weights, and dabbling in digital art and game development. Morgan has worked as a software developer, science lab assistant, and cashier at a quite-possibly-haunted tourist destination, but their first passion has always been bringing their pretend worlds and imaginary friends to life. Morgan lives in Washington state with their partner, child, and an enthusiastic corgi.

Picture of the author Morgan K. Bell

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