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Hello Everyone!

Today is day five of the BBNYA 2023 spotlight tours! Today I’m shining the spotlight on Curse of the Fallen by H.C. Newell. In case you missed it, here’s yesterday’s spotlight on Carved Amidst the Shadows by M.T. Fontaine.

Thank you to the BBNYA team for putting the media kits together for the spotlight tours.

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Title: Curse of the Fallen
Author: H.C. Newell
Age Category: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 400 Pages
Published: April 26, 2021
Buy the Book: Amazon
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Cover of Curse of the Fallen by H.C. Newell

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Nerana is a sorceress born in a world where magic is forbidden. Outcast, exiled, and hunted since birth, she seeks to free herself of a curse that ties her to the Order of Saro who relentlessly hunt her down.

Her hope now lies in a legend from the time of the elves that speaks of the Trials of Blood, a test that promises salvation. Darkness gathers, and the hunters close in on their prey, but with little left to lose Nerana embarks on her perilous journey and soon learns that the path to redemption may prove more fatal than the Order itself.

But for Nerana, this is more than a quest for survival… it’s a promise of revenge.

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H.C. Newell is an American author of dark fantasy. She is best known for the Fallen Light fictional universe, in which her fantasy novels Curse of the Fallen, The Forbidden Realms, and The Banished are set.

In 2014, Newell started her first novel series, Forthwind, which was a young adult trilogy. As she grew as an author, she found her niche in adult fantasy, and created the Fallen Light universe. This six-part novel series took Newell over ten years to create. She published her debut novel “Curse of the Fallen” in April 2021.

Newell’s works have been compared by readers to authors such as J. R. R. Tolkien, Andrejz Sapkowski, and Robert Jordan among others. Newell lives in Nashville, TN with her husband. includes all website and social media links

Picture of the author, H.C. Newell

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