BBNYA Spotlight – Life Support by Sarah McKnight

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Hello Everyone!

Today is day eighteen of the BBNYA 2023 spotlight tours! Today I’m shining the spotlight on Life Support by Sarah McKnight. In case you missed it, here’s yesterday’s spotlight on Legends of Andolin: Adella of the Campos by A.M. Portman.

This isn’t Sarah McKnight’s first time entering BBNYA. Last year, her book The Reaper’s Quota came in 5th place! If you’re interested, here’s my review of The Reaper’s Quota.

Thank you to the BBNYA team for putting the media kits together for the spotlight tours.

Keep reading to find out if Life Support by Sarah McKnight is a book you want to add to your TBR!

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Title: Life Support
Author: Sarah McKnight
Age Category: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Length: 268 Pages
Published: February 16, 2022
Buy the Book: Amazon
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Cover of Life Support by Sarah McKnight

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Every bite Kendra takes is a battle. Rosie can’t control her mouth. Alex struggles to keep his head above water. Tyler’s world has come crashing to his feet. Ricky’s anger threatens to spill over.

Told through a series of shifting perspectives, five strangers, nothing but blurred faces in a crowded high school hallway, come together in search of solace, support, and comfort. Together, they help each other realize that although life may not be perfect, the world around them can still fall perfectly into place.

But one of them may be beyond help. Will they be able to reach out in time to pull their friend out of the darkness, or are they already too late?

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Sarah McKnight has been writing stories since she could pick up a pencil, and it often got her in trouble during math class. After a brief stint teaching English to unruly middle schoolers in Japan, she decided she wasn’t going to put off her dream of becoming a writer any longer and set to work. Her books tackle real-world issues such as anxiety, depression, and letting go of the past – with a little humor sprinkled in, too. A St. Louis native, she currently lives in Pennsylvania with her wonderful husband and three cats. You can find her on Twitter @mcknight_writes, Instagram and TikTok @sarahmcknightwrites, and Facebook at Sarah McKnight – Author

Picture of the author Sarah McKnight

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