BBNYA Spotlight – Mark of Eternity by Zachary Moulder

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Hello Everyone!

Today is day nineteen of the BBNYA 2023 spotlight tours! Today I’m shining the spotlight on Mark of Eternity by Zachary Moulder. In case you missed it, here’s yesterday’s spotlight on Life Support by Sarah McKnight.

Thank you to the BBNYA team for putting the media kits together for the spotlight tours.

Keep reading to find out if Mark of Eternity by Zachary Moulder is a book you want to add to your TBR!

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Title: Mark of Eternity
Author: Zachary Moulder
Age Category: Young Adult
Genre: Science Fiction
Length: 275 Pages
Published: November 18, 2022
Buy the Book: Amazon
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Cover of Mark of Eternity by Zachary Moulder

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Eve has never seen the light of day, nor known the beauty of a living world. Marooned on the dark side of an unforgiving planet, Eve and her parents, Eli and Nisma, scavenge the remains of their colony ship, the Eternity, with the hope of building their own means of escaping their post-apocalyptic prison.

But with time running out and constant setbacks and delays pushing everyone beyond their limits, Eve and her family soon find themselves at each other’s throats. Will they manage to pull together and flee their living hell? Or would they be doomed to a life of decay in an eternal night?

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Zachary Moulder is an average bloke who likes to write stories, paint very small miniatures and enjoy the company of his friends and family over a few beers. A former bartender, he was born in Brisbane, Australia, and presently resides in Townsville where he lives in constant dread for the inevitable arrival of North Queensland’s insufferable summer.

Picture of the author Zachary Moulder

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