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BBNYA Spotlight – The Blood of Crows by Alex C. Pierce

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Hello Everyone!

Today is day thirty-two of the BBNYA 2023 spotlight tours! Today I’m shining the spotlight on The Blood of Crows by Alex C. Pierce. In case you missed it, here’s yesterday’s spotlight on The Beckoning Void by Patrick LeClerc.

Thank you to the BBNYA team for putting the media kits together for the spotlight tours.

Keep reading to find out if The Blood of Crows by Alex C. Pierce is a book you want to add to your TBR!

Title: The Blood of Crows
Author: Alex C. Pierce
Age Category: Adult
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Length: 354 Pages
Published: May 24, 2022
Buy the Book: Amazon
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Ren is a thief and a con-man. You want something stolen, big or small, he’ll get it. No matter how well it’s protected. All while being the only person in the city without any magical knack.

There’s just one rule: He doesn’t kill people.

Murder is rare in the walled city of Lenmar, thanks to the magic-eating Inquisitors that can sniff out and track any individual by their particular knack. So, when a serial killer starts killing the nobility leaving no trace for the Inquisitors to follow, Ren becomes the prime, and only suspect.

All Ren wants to do is stop a serial killer, clear his name, and protect the people he cares about.

To do that, he’ll have to pull one more high-stakes heist— And steal the proof he needs from the very people who want to catch him.

Alex C. Pierce is the father of 2 wonderful children (+ 1 dog and 2 cats), Husband to another wonderful person, Writer, and Salary Man among millions.

Growing up, Alex wanted to be either a Writer or a World Renowned Thief. Deciding between a career of morally grey choices, complex planning, difficult execution, lies, and misdirection, or potentially going to jail? Alex naturally gravitated toward writing.

His debut book The Blood of Crows, a Fantasy Thriller with heists, murder, and magic eating monsters, came out May 26th, 2022. The sequel, The Blood of Queens is targeting a 2024 release.

He has numerous other stories in varying stages of being outlined and revised, spanning genres from Science Fiction, to Urban Fantasy, to Fantasy Thriller.

He lives in Canada and is a life-long reader and writer, and lover of all things magical.

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